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Sunday, 12 June 2016

TNEA 2016 Certificates required by Anna University


Anna University welcomes the candidates who desire to apply for Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2016 (TNEA 2016) and wishes them all success in their endeavour.

To facilitate the students who have completed their HSC / Equivalent Examinations for the submission of applications for TNEA 2016. The format of required certificates to be enclosed along with the applications hosted in the website as given below.

Candidates may select the certificates which are relevant to them and get the certificates readily available, so as to enable them to submit the TNEA 2016 applications soon after the publication of HSC / Equivalent Examination results.


Nativity Certificate
Tamil Nadu Native candidates who have not studied any one of VIII, IX, X, XI and XII Standard or whole in Tamil Nadu needs to submit Nativity Certificate along with the application for TNEA 2016. Digitally signed Nativity e-certificate can be obtained from Deputy Tahsildar/Tahsildar.

First Graduate tuition fee exemption
Tamil Nadu native candidates who are to be first graduate in a family, those who are attending counselling and joined in professional courses in Government / Aided and Self-Financing Engineering Colleges (for Government quota) alone are eligible.
(If the applicant's brother or sister has already availed First Graduate Tuition Fee concession for studying Professional Courses, then the applicant is not eligible for such concession). Digitally signed e-certificate for first graduation can be obtained from Deputy Tahsildar/Tahsildar.

Special Reservation
Tamil Nadu native candidates alone are eligible for the special reservation.
Son / Daughter of Ex-Serviceman - Certificate No. III
Son / Daughter of Freedom Fighters - Certificate No. IV
Medical certificate for Orthopedically Differently Abled persons - Certificate No. V
Medical certificate for Hearing Impaired - Certificate No. VI
Medical certificate for Visually Impaired - Certificate No. VII
Eminent Sports Person - Certificate

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