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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How To Pass M4 Examination Both MA2252/MA6453

Hi & Hlo Guys..
Today I am Going To Share How to Clear PQT Exam Both 2008/2013 Regulations Under Anna University..
It Is Very Easy Way I tell Here..

Most of the students tell M4 Is Very Tough..But I Tell Easy way To Clear M4 Examination...

Some Important Topics I Described Here...First Concentrate This Given Topics..  

1. Discrete Random Variables
2. Continues Random Variables
3. Probability Density Functions(PDF) – Workout all Problems
4. Moment & Moment Generating Functions(MGF) - Workout all Problems
5. Binomial Distribution & Poisson Distribution

1. Joint Probability Mass Function
2. Marginal Probability Mass Function – Workout all problems related with the word “Marginal”
3. Co-Variants, Correlation & Regression

1. Stationary Process
2. WSS Process
3. Markov Process – Workout all problems related with the word “Markov”

1. MM1 Model –FIFO & types
2. MMC Model – types

1. PK formula
2.  Networks of Q’s– Workout all problems related with the word “Networks”

    All Must Concentrate This Topics..You Can Get Maximum Number Of Marks Upto 50 to 70 marks Surely...

Tips To Clear PQT:

 Find out the area in which you are strong like,if you're good at remembering formulas or you have better grasping or understanding power.
There are 5units out of which ;The first 2 units are based on formulas and using your arithmetic skills,so first complete those 2 units.

The 3rd unit can be separated into two parts(1)Stationary process (2) Markhov process .

Leave the first part study the second part alone.

For the fourth unit the formulas are inter-related for the four models of process. study the formulas alone for the fourth unit.
Regarding 5th unit study the pk-formula alone .

As these will be enough as we are left with no time!!! So Enjoy maths do these alone you'll surely pass.

All the best!

                    For Download Pdf Click here

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