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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Anna university scedule for Feb2016-May2016

Anna University Academic schedule released Feb 2016-May 2016
It is for All Affiliated colleges offered in UG & PG Courses...
The schedule image is given below...

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Anna University 10-01-2016 Exams Was Postponed

Anna University All Affiliated Colleges 10-01-2016 was Rescheduled

As Per Anna University Affiliated colleges Anna University just now Announced 10-01-2016 Exams Postponed....

Regular UG (III) Semester FN Exams
Regular UG (V) Semester AN Exams Both in 2013 Regulation 10-01-2016 Exams are Resheduled at 21-01-2016 FN & AN
2008 Regulation (VII) AN exams At 10-01-2016 was also Rescheduled As 21-01-2016 FN

Sunday, 3 January 2016

CS6504 Computer Graphics Important Questions

                Anna University

Subject code : CS6504
Subject name : Computer Graphics
Semester : V
Department : B.E CSE
Year : 3rd yr
Regulation : 2013
Content : Important Part B Questions


1.Explain DDA Algorithm detail.
2.Explain Breshnan Algorithm detail. 3.Midpoint Eclipse Algorithm.
4.Midpoint Circle Algorithm.
5.Raster Scan System.
6.Output premitives

    Two Dimensional Graphics

1.2d Geometric Transformation.
2.Composite Transformation.
3.2d Viewing in details.
4.Window to Viewport Transformation in details.
5.Cohen Sudharland Line Clipping Algorithm in Details.
6.Explain Nichole-Lee-Nichole Line Clipping Algorithm in Details.
7.Polygon clipping in details.
8.Sudharland-Hudgeman Line clipping in details.
    Three Dimensional Graphics

1.Bezier Curves and Surfaces.
2.B-Spline Curves and Surfaces.
3.3d Transformation  in detail.
4.Composite Transformation.
5.3d Viewing
6.Differentiate Parallel & Perspective Projections in details.
7.Visible Surface Detection Methods.

    Illumination and Color Models

1.Light Sources in details
2.Explain Basic Illumination Methods.
3.Explain Color Model in Details

Animations & Realism Animation Graphics

1.Explain Morphin-Tweening in Details.
2.Explain in Design of Animation Sequences.
3.Raster Animation in details
4.Explain Keyframe Systems in Details.
5.Explain C-Curves in Details.
6.Explain Fractals in Details.
7.Explain Ray Tracing in Details.
8.Explain Peano Curves in Details.

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